Crazy Tube Circuits Killer V

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価格: ¥30,000 (税込 ¥33,000)
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クレイジー・チューブ・サーキットのKiller Vは、1950~60年代にアメリカ・カリフォルニアで生まれたクールでユニークなアンプをモチーフに、それらのアンプのサウンドやフィーリング、そして明瞭なヴィブラート・エフェクトを再現したコンパクトエフェクターです。

‐ Specifications ‐
■DC: Use an External 9V DC Regulated and Filtered Power Supply (- Center,+ Ring). Max Current Consumption 45 mA 9V DC. Using a Power Supply of +1 DV DC or More May Cause Severe Damage to the Pedal and Void Warranty.
■Volume: Controls the Amount of Gain. Works in Conjunction with Internal Gain Structure Switch.
■Master: Controls the Output Level of Your Pedal. Set to Match Bypass Level or Boost Your Amp If Needed.
■B / N / M Toggle Switch: This Switch was Found in Some Models of That Era and Controls the Feel and Behavior of the Preamp Section. Select Between Bright, Normal or Mellow.
■Bass: Controls a Wide Low Frequency Response Based on the Same EQ Response of the Actual Amplifier Design.
■Treble: Controls a Wide High Frequency Response Based on the Same EQ Response of the Actual Amplifier Design.
■Depth: Controls the Intensity of Modulation Effect. From Fairly Subtle to All Out Modulated Warble.
■WET - DRY / WET Toggle Switch: Select Between 100% Modulated (WET) or Place Unmodu­lated Signal in Parallel with the Modulated Signal (DRY / WET). The Latter Setup was Found in Some of the Original Amps Through "Stereo" Inputs and Gives Pulsating Phaser or Vibe Like Sounds.
■Speed: Controls the Rate of Modulation Effect. The LFO's Circuit Waveform and Range are Similar to the Original Amp Design.
■Internal Gain Mode Switch: Through the Years of Production, the Original Units Saw Some Changes / Updates in the Main Preamp Circuit That LED to Different Gain Structures. We Chose to Incorporate the Most Significant of These Gain Structure Changes in a Small Internal Switch. Use a Tiny Flat Screwdriver to Select Between Normal or Modified (More) Gain Structure. These Settings Affect the Range of Volume Control and the Behavior of the Amp Like Circuit.
■Bypass Footswitch: Killer V Features Silent Relay True Bypass Switching That Will Automatically Switch to Bypass at the Event of a Power Supply Failure.
■Vibrato Footswitch: Activate or Kill the LFO Driving the Pitch Shifting Vibrato Circuit. On Power-On the LFO is Activated.



希望小売価格: ¥3,300(税込)

¥1,200(税込 ¥1,320)